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The Working Principle of the Diesel Generator

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Diesel generator has widely used in our daily life,and someone are intertest in the study of diesel generator. If you want to have more understanding about the working principle of diesel generator,you should read this article carefully.

The two working principle of the Diesel Generator:

Two separate devices  working together
The diesel generator has two separate devices though it is a single device that functionally transfor diesel fuel into electricity. The two separate devices , in actual,  work together in order to produce power. A diesel engine produce motion for the generator via burning the diesel fuel , and then the generator with the help of the electromagnets, converts the motion into electricity. The engine and the electromagnetic generator -  two separate devices - are link  by a crankshaft which can make the transfer of the motion produced  between the diesel engine and the magnets of the generator assembly more easily.

How to power the Diesel Engine
The working principle of  the diesel generator is like any other small engine. The diesel generator has a small internal combustion engine. It can be used to ignite similar engines  though a number of  fuels. The reason why diesel is generally preferred for generators is its ability to burn without any explosion. When the fuel tank of the diesel engine is filled  the engine is powered . When the engine operates at a so high speed, it will cause the damage to the components. Therefore,  a throttle and governor are installed to keep the speed of the diesel engine under control in order to standardize the power output of the generator.  

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