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LG250-BESS is a new battery energy storage product developed by LONGEN POWER, which can be compatible with electric grid, photovoltaic equipment and various types of diesel generator sets.

This product adopts an outdoor standard container design, which can meet high load requirements or high impact load demands. It is widely used in industrial and commercial temporary electricity use, household backup electricity, mobile energy storage and other scenarios.


  • Environmental friendly Environmental friendly
  • Economy Economy
  • Quiet Quiet
  • Hybrid energy storage Hybrid energy storage
  • Flexible networking Flexible networking

Product Detail

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Island mode

Use for short term application.
It is zero fuel consumption, zero emissions, Quiet.
Can be use for emergency backup.
Can be use for power shortage area for a quiet night. Day time charged by solar panel and use in night time when the sun light is gone.


Hybrid mode

It can parallel with generators to overcome the peaking power, or use somewhere the load is not uniform.
Construction site is a good choice.


Micro grid mode

BESS work with solar panel, generator to build a micro grid.
It is clean, quiet, stable and save fuel consumption.
It is widely used to industry & commercial area, villa power supply, or where there is no main electricity.

General technical data LG—250/150
Rated Power 250kVA
Energy storage capacity 150kwh
Rated voltage    400V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Battery system Voltage(DC Voltage in) 600-900V
Rated AC current (A) 360A
Noise level  dB at 7m 65dB
cooling type Industrial  Air condition & fans
AC off gird voltage 400V
Voltage adjustable range ±10%
Off-grid output THDU ≤3%
PCS compose(single power&quantity) 250kVA*1
Isolation mode industrial frequency transformer
Working mode Isloated island or parallel
Max efficiency 98.20%
DC system    
Cell type Lithium iron LiFePO4
Single cell Volt&Current 3.2/210
Battery package voltage 51.2V
Battery package capacity AH 210AH
Continuous charge and discharge ratio ≤1C
Life time 70% DoD  Cycles 5000
System power capacity   150kw.h
Combination mode 16 in series
System DC rated voltage   716.8
System DC voltage range 582.4-806.4
Working temperature ‘-20 ℃ to 50 ℃, machines exceeding 45℃ will experience power loss
Storage temperature -30 ℃ to 55 ℃ 
Humidity 0-95% no condensing
Altitude ≤5000m, above 3000m power derating
Protection grade IP54
communication protocol Modbus-RUT, Modbus-TCP
Communication mode RS485, Ether net, Dry contact
Standard GB/T 36276, IEC62619
Size 2400*1620*2300mm
Weight 3000kgs


(1) Equipped with lithium battery pack.

(2) Equipped with cabinet air conditioning for temperature regulation.

(3) Equipped with PCS.

(4) Equipped with a control system for remote control.

(5) Equipped with a shell for noise reduction and weatherproof design.

(6) It is equipped with connection ports, which can be connected to the power grid, photovoltaic equipment and diesel generator set.

Battery energy storage system 2


Battery energy storage system is Suitable for the following work scenarios

Battery energy storage system 3
Battery energy storage system 4
Battery energy storage system 5




Battery energy storage system 6
Battery energy storage system 7
Battery energy storage system 8

Events Rental

Villa Micro Grid

Construction Site

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