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Brand Introduction:

In 1922, Kubota(Japan) researched and developed the agricultural and industrial engine A with 3 horsepower in Japan. Later, it gained high trust in the global market with its high output, compact ,environmentally friendly and lightweight engine.It is leading in the agricultural machinery, small construction machinery, small diesel engine and other fields with its low fuel consumption and high reliability characteristics.

Kubota engines are built to last, with a focus on robust construction, high-quality materials, and rigorous testing procedures. These engines are designed to withstand demanding conditions and provide long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Brand Characteristics:

  • Meet low power situation need Meet low power situation need
  • Compact structure and high quality Compact structure and high quality
  • Low noise Low noise
  • Low fuel consumption Low fuel consumption
  • Environment protective Environment protective

Kubota 50Hz

Product Tags

Model Prime Power Standby Power Engine Alternator Controller   
  KW kVA KW kVA Kubota Power(kw) Stamford(S) kVA ComAp download
LGKS-11 8 10 8.8  11 D1105-E2BG-CHN-1 9.5 S0L1-H1 10 AMF20 download
LGKS-14 10 13 11  14 V1505-E2BG-CHN-1 12.5 S0L1-L1 12.5 AMF20 download
LGKS-17 12 15 13  17 D1703-E2BG-CHN-1 15 S0L1-P1 15 AMF20 download
LGKS-22 16 20 18  22 V2203-E2BG-CHN-1 20 S0L2-G1 20 AMF20 download
LGKS-25 20 25 22  28 V2003-T-E2BG-CHN-1 22.5 S0L2-M1 25 AMF20 download
LGKS-33 24 30 26  33 V3300-E2BG2-CHN-1 29 SOL2-P1 30 AMF20 download
LGKS-38 27 34 30  37 V3300-T-E2BG2-CHN-1 35.5 S1L2-J1 35 AMF20 download

Product Description

Kubota engines comply with strict emission regulations, utilizing advanced technologies to reduce harmful pollutants. This makes Kubota engines environmentally friendly and enables users to meet emission standards without compromising performance.

Kubota is known for its compact engine designs, which offer a high power-to-size ratio. This allows equipment manufacturers and users to optimize space and weight, particularly in applications where limited space is available, such as compact  equippments.

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